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A Greater Britain?

Posted on August 8, 2016

A Greater Britain?

Richard Carter, Group Sales & Business Development Director at Nimans looks ahead…

It’s been a tumultuous few months for the country with the political landscape slowly taking shape following the somewhat surprising Brexit vote.

Everything has been turned on its head with the fallout affecting many aspects of daily life and prompting the arrival of a new Prime Minister.

It’s little wonder the stock markets have been spooked by all the uncertainty but in time they should recover. After initially being ready to vote leave, I changed my mind in the run-up to the referendum as I was worried about what would happen to UK PLC. For me instability throughout the world is now at its greatest levels since the Second World War and that is bad news for business. Who knows what will happen. The impact of Brexit on the European Union and conflicts elsewhere in the world mean we live in very uncertain times.

It’s said that considered consumer purchases such as new car sales are dramatically down and business investment is likely to be hit too - so for the reseller community they may have a tougher job than normal of clinching orders.

I think we will make the best of things going forward but times are a bit worrying. It’s time to sit tight. The next few months and years will be very interesting. We’re only at the very beginning of a bold new journey and no one really knows where that will lead us.

The road ahead will remain rocky but the time has come for us all to pull together and move forward in a new direction. We are ‘Great’ Britain after all.

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