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A Helping Hand From Unify

Posted on September 9, 2016

A Helping Hand From Unify

Nimans’ resellers can take advantage of a helping hand from Unify to boost their marketing presence and capture more sales.

A series of seven bespoke marketing packages are available spanning a host of mediums including telemarketing, emails and whitepapers – maximising opportunities in today’s digital world.

“Both Nimans and Unify understand that often the key to success is planning ahead and making sure your marketing plans will generate demand and a healthy flow of leads into your business,” says Marcus Yates, Nimans’ Solutions Business Manager for Unify.

“Effective marketing is about targeting the right customers, delivering the right messages and standing out above your competition.”

Unify’s ‘Connect’ personal marketing packages are designed to generate leads and new business, build a digital relationship with customers, syndicate online campaigns and also manage online assets and social media.

Marcus added: “Activities can be planned against earned partner marketing funds to make the whole proposition cost effective and high impact. Nimans and Unify can offer a helping hand to elevate your business to new heights of success in a world where digital communication is playing an increasingly dominant role.”

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