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A Virtual World

Posted on July 20, 2016

A Virtual World

Richard Carter, Group Sales & Business Development Director at Nimans assesses the latest trends.

Today’s technology continues to move at a rapid rate with Virtual Reality now tipped to be the next big thing. Not so long ago wearables were being hailed as the latest ‘must-have’ gadgets but momentum has taken a while to build as much of it is technology awaiting an application.

Certainly VR is here to stay. Having recently sampled it for the first time I must admit I was very impressed. Sure there’s a few rough edges to be ironed out but the overall experience was believable and quite an eye opener. Devices that encompass standard mobile phones can be picked up relatively cheaply for less than £20 whilst at the other end of the spectrum top end units are over £600. You really do feel you are in another world, whether game playing, viewing a video, photos or taking a trip down any street in the world. Putting on a pair of goggles can hardly be described as cool but they really can transport you to mesmerising places and the applications seem almost limitless.

So what will the impact be on the comms arena? At this stage it’s difficult to say but the potential is huge not just in the consumer world but for businesses too. We already have Virtual Private Networks VPN, virtual desktops and virtual offices – and more virtual environments are destined to follow.

Games are where much of the emphasis currently lies but some observers believe VR will have a bigger impact in other areas - revolutionising the education sector for example. Certainly having watched a big screen movie in a virtual cinema it’s clear that as the technology and devices continue to develop, its impact will only grow. It’s ‘virtually’ guaranteed.

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