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Call Recording Spotlight

Posted on 31/01/2017

Paul Burn, Head of Category Sales at Nimans casts his eye on call recording.

Differences between SME and Mid-Market solutions
There isn’t a massive difference between SME and Mid-Market really. Whether you are deploying 10 people or 10,000 everything is very scalable. Greater storage and security are probably the biggest factors to consider. In terms of functionality there’s so much in the SME space. Everything has filtered down.

How to identify and sell the applications
Why a customer would want call recording hasn’t changed. That could be compliance or training etc. The starting point is do they need it rather than how do they deploy it and is it fixed, mobile or cloud-based. Once the basic need has been identified then the conversation can develop. Applications are so advanced and tailored that there’s always an answer to a customer’s question.

How easy is it to sell mobile recording applications?
It’s a lot easier to sell mobile recording applications than it used to be especially if it’s being routed through a traditional phone system. The first conversation should be around fixed mobile convergence, then mobile call recording because one flows from the other. Call recording can then be added in. In addition apps provide both personal use as well as general business benefits. All angles are covered.

Can mobile and fixed line solutions be easily integrated?
There’s also another factor to consider which is Cloud. It’s not just mobile or fixed line. There’s a third dynamic now. Call recording sits in an interesting spot which is a mixture of solutions and operating platforms. It could be on-premise call recording with cloud-based telephony. I think a lot of call recording companies are trying to find a new home. Mobile and fixed line recording has been around for several years now. Phone system manufacturers have developed various applications that enable mobile calls to be routed through the system at which point they are recorded through a fixed line solution. Happy days!

But it’s not just call recording but call monitoring and diagnostics and statistics as part of a seamless solution. It can all be done.

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