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Cold Calling

Posted on 08/11/2016

Cold Calling

Richard Carter, Group Sales and Business Development Director at Nimans highlights a frosty reception.

Mobile phone reception in the UK is far from perfect but you would probably assume it’s better than more isolated regions such as Iceland.

But having digested the results of a new Uswitch survey and spoken to my colleague Chris Widocks, I’m afraid the opposite is true.

Chris has just returned from a trip to Iceland where even on remote coach journeys free Wi-Fi was consistent and 100% reliable. Phone reception was great too……but if only the same could be said over here.

According to the latest research from Comparison website uSwitch, the capital sees almost 42 per cent of Londoners complaining of poor reception or no coverage at all in their own homes. The South West of England (41 per cent) follows in second place. Over a third of UK mobile users suffer from poor indoor coverage (34 per cent). Not surprisingly those living in rural areas are the worse off.

The blur between our working and home lives shows little sign of slowing – as the smartphone in our pockets retains its dominance. Massive leaps forward in terms of speed and features have taken place in the last 10 years but there’s still lots of room for improvement regarding network reliability and coverage.

Our reliance on the internet is set to grow even more, with IOT, virtual reality and even augmented reality gaining greater traction throughout 2017. Network infrastructure and higher bandwidths will be crucial in an ever connected ‘always-on’ world.

But we need the infrastructure in place first if as an industry we are going to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. Otherwise we run the risk of getting frozen out compared to other countries – even little Iceland.

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