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CTI Spotlight

Posted on August 3, 2016

CTI Spotlight

Paul Burn, Head of Category Sales at Nimans assesses the latest market trends.......

What is needed to enable basic CTI applications?
I think the most basic issue to first address is an actual need for CTI. Once the impact has been assessed then actually implementing it is relatively simple. You need a database to reference, a phone system capable to interactive with and also a network fast enough to bring up the information before the call has finished. Most phone systems today have basic CTI applications built-in which makes the whole process even simpler to embrace especially when using standard industry tools such as Outlook. Where it can get complicated is when a customer has developed their own bespoke database.

In terms of general demand and trends it’s not one of those things I can easily put my finger on because CTI is not really spoken about that much anymore. It’s a bit like a defacto standard. End users tend to assume it’s just there.

What is the entry point and how far before hitting the technology buffers?
The entry point is just one extension but the key question is does your customer need it? It may be ‘a nice to have’ but it should be much more than just that. There needs to be a particular business benefit and that tends to be speed and accuracy. Database integrity and accuracy is crucial as any CTI solution is only as good as the database it’s ‘popping’. There’s no issue with hitting technology buffers, it comes down to the database and network capacity. The rest is easy.

What business benefits?
Increased productivity is the main benefit. In today’s evolving world hosted adds a new dimension to the conversation. It throws up some interesting technical questions but they can be overcome. It’s not an all or nothing conversation in terms of on and off premise. You can mix and match. But the key starting point is does your customer need it?

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