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Get Smart

Posted on August 31, 2016

Get Smart

Paul Burn, Head of Category Sales at Nimans assesses the impact of Smart Technology in the business world.

Smart Technology gives us the ability to control lots of different things remotely particularly in the home. The interesting dynamic is how this is evolving into the business community through home office automation.

The business world is encroaching into our homes in a single room. That could be someone field based for example who has a designated room for work. The key question at the moment is do they wish to branch out into the rest of the house and take advantage of smart technology through Wi-Fi?

The consumer trends are filtering into the corporate arena and the lines are blurring. Smart technology in a traditional office could include controlling temperatures and lighting remotely. Very often resellers are not involved in a building’s architecture but smart technology opens more doors for them. Currently there’s a tangible gap between fixtures and fitting and technology but that distance is closing.

The key to success is owning the wireless network. Once you have control of the wireless network at that point you have control of all sorts of things. It opens up the door to so many areas. Wireless LAN is the centre piece and everything else hangs from there. It provides the opportunity to bolt so many other things on top, from smart technologies to office printing and computers.

WLAN has developed so much that there’s now the chance to add ‘voice communications’ too which for a standard office reseller adds a significant new string to their bow although it can be a tough transition to master. It all depends on the framework of their business and how technology focused they already are. Partnership would be the best way forward.

The wireless world continues to grow and the momentum will only accelerate. Voice, data and smart technology all hang off this. The possibilities are endless. But owning the network is crucial.

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