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Informal Call Centres In The Spotlight

Posted on May 27, 2016

Informal Call Centres In The Spotlight

Paul Burn, Head of Category Sales at Nimans assesses the market.

PBX or Cloud?
Most systems now have an element of an informal call centre built in so today’s PBX’s are often up to the job. I’m not sure cloud is always the right answer as they often have additional monthly costs associated to them when basic functionality is already inside a PBX and once you’ve bought it you’ve bought it! Obviously in terms of scalability then cloud-based technology often wins the day. It really depends on how big the customer is going to grow and when. What are their growth plans? The life expectancy of a phone system tends to be between 5-7 years. It’s about understanding customer needs and the time frames involved.

How To Improve Client Productivity
It depends what they want to achieve. What is productivity? One man’s productivity is another man’s call logging, when you look at it from that respect. For me productivity is about understanding what that end user is trying to do. Are they trying to improve productivity, monitor productivity or is it part of a bigger growth plan and how does it integrate into their business? These are all the questions that need answering.

If we are not careful we can lose sight of a fundamental question of what is an end user trying to do? It’s about providing a technology to help them achieve their objectives not providing them with technology that they have to change to use. Technology should be there to facilitate. That could be cloud, a PBX or a hybrid solution. The answers are there, it’s about asking the right questions.

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