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Join The Big Data Bandwagon

Posted on June 29, 2016

Join The Big Data Bandwagon

Paul Burn, Head of Category Sales at Nimans assesses the latest trends.

Who and how is Call Management information exploited?
It’s not just the provision of information it’s the interpretation of information that matters. This depends on how a business wants to assess performance. The phone system used to be the major barometer as the main interaction was phone calls. Decisions were then made on how busy somebody was. But now you would miss a trick if this is the only measure because there’s live chat, email, Lync and conferencing. All these different mediums and interaction make judging somebody more complicated.

How to extract increased profitability?
In terms of big data, for a business it comes down to having the ability - in the various areas they want to monitor - to bring that information together and identify the tools to look at it all. There’s not a huge number of solutions and often they will need someone specific to interpret the data. Most Sales Managers are good at assessing standard information but in terms of actual call quality that’s a separate entity. Stats are the easiest things to look at but quality is the hardest thing to track. It’s very time consuming and often expensive too.

How to productively use information
Most call management solutions can identify all different mediums but technology is now moving much further than that. For example headset manufacturers are developing devices that can monitor a person’s heartbeat to assess how stressed they are as part of biometric analysis. So there’s analysis of stats but now analysis of individuals down to a quite deep level.

The problem with a lot of stats is what exactly is the end user doing with them? You could have data for the sake of data. Businesses should first decide what they want to do with it rather than what they are generating. What are they doing with all this information and does it have any real benefit to their business? Does it help them enable people to do better? What’s their long term plan?

Today you can pretty much analyse everything, from heartbeat, body temperature and stress levels. A business can invest a lot of money without first knowing what they are trying to achieve. This should really be avoided.

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