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Leasing Leap

Posted on June 13, 2016

Business is booming for Nimans’ in-house Leasing division as more resellers take advantage of flexible finance options to accelerate their own sales – with demand rising month-on-month this year

A surge in Operational Leases in the education sector is fuelling growth along with standard ‘sales aid leasing’ based on high acceptance rates, quick decisions and minimal paperwork.

Nimans is now authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and resellers working in the education sector are taking advantage of the company’s expertise and broad reach of specialist services, says Tom Maxwell, Head of Dealer Sales.

“Funding for local authority schools has changed following instructions from the Department For Education where they must now include an operating lease. This is where the end user only pays back 90% of the value of the lease in their rentals - so someone has to take a residual value risk, which makes the lease cheaper.”

Nimans can lease on software-based technologies as well as hardware – on big and small items including headsets and mobile phones , as Tom emphasised:

“For us, we are very competitive; have a really high acceptance rate and take away the pain and alleviate all the hard work for resellers. They don’t need someone in their office spending time going from funder to funder and filling in paperwork for example.

“Nimans offers a dedicated leasing service because we have our own leasing operation within our business. It’s not a broker acting on our behalf. This gives us greater control and a more individual client service.

“Sales aid leasing is fast becoming a major factor in any successful sales strategy. Adding a lease option with a reputable finance partner to a product can significantly enhance sales and overcome customer’s budget restrictions. It’s not about selling finance it’s a way to win more business.”

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