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Leasing Lessons

Posted on 14/12/2016

Tom Maxwell, Head of Dealer Sales, Nimans highlights the growing role of leasing.

In a broad context please summarise that stand-out aspects of your proposition and your strategic/growth aims and objectives in the UK channel?

We continually assist resellers as some end uses cannot afford to place a cash order so we offer them a finance option instead. Not all distributors have this facility.

Nimans Leasing offers finance options on lots of different equipment, not just traditional telecoms. These include PC’s, servers and tablets and also unified communications, AV equipment and smart phones. Software, Print hardware – Multi-function devices (MFDs) and also services can all be leased.

The team boasts financial underwriting expertise which has helped increase overall acceptance rates to an impressive 90%. In a further boost Nimans Leasing now offer a ‘paperless’ E-sign facility. This allows end users to sign a contract from anywhere in the world, so long as they have a mobile number and an internet connection. The lease agreement can be signed in minutes, meaning quicker payment turnaround for Dealer and less expenses on time and petrol.

What have been the main strands of your growth strategy to date, and are you able to put a figure on UK comms sector lending growth and reseller partner numbers?

It’s been a year to remember for our in-house leasing team fuelled by new services and enhanced financial underwriting expertise. Nimans’ Leasing allows customers to take advantage of a specialised, no hassle, Lease Desk Service – with profits growing by over 15% during a busy 2016.

One of the most important areas that often gets overlooked is how leasing can help resellers ‘lock in’ their customers over a long period of time. There’s no worries about cash price discounts that can erode margins and they also have greater control over a customer where they can upgrade or add additional equipment further down the line.

How are you ramping up your UK comms sector campaign at this point in time (and why)?

A surge in Operational Leases in the education sector is fuelling growth along with standard ‘sales aid leasing’ based on high acceptance rates, quick decisions and minimal paperwork.

Nimans is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and resellers working in the education sector are taking advantage. Funding for local authority schools has changed following instructions from the Department For Education where they must now include an operating lease. This is where the end user only pays back 90% of the value of the lease in their rentals - so someone has to take a residual value risk, which makes the lease cheaper.

In terms of rolling out your UK campaign in the comms/IT channel what are your current priorities, pain points/challenges and how are you addressing them?

Leasing is a proven way to help resellers unlock more deals by overcoming traditional obstacles when cash is in short supply. More resellers should be taking advantage so we need to raise more awareness about the benefits.

In addition Nimans Leasing also now has a dedicated team member focusing on the end of lease agreements which can generate additional income for dealers via upgrade options and further business opportunities. This is one of our priorities for 2017.

What are the defining characteristics/qualities of reseller partners who are successful at making the most of your leasing solutions?

Resellers up and down the country are using leasing to capture business that wouldn’t be possible any other way. For example one of our customers has just clinched an £87,000 order for 40 touch screens in a school on a five year lease. As we have our own dedicated leasing division we can do all the hard work for dealers to keep their involvement and time to a minimum.

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