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Nimans Brings Back Famous Radio Name

Posted on September 12, 2016

Nimans Brings Back Famous Radio Name

A familiar name has been added to Nimans’ expanding two-way radio communications portfolio – to help resellers maximise enhanced market opportunities.

Radio communications are being hailed as the ‘missing piece, in the comms jigsaw, combining advanced technologies with rich ‘untapped’ revenue streams of over £40m this year alone.

Now Nimans has reintroduced the well-known Storno brand name to the UK market – adding more fuel to the fire.

Storno licensed radios are viewed as the perfect introduction for resellers new to the sector as they combine market leading performance with supreme reliability. Fitted with the latest lithium ion battery technology they benefit from easy out of the box performance, says Nimans’ Radio Communications Category Manager, Gary Redshaw.

“Today’s modern solutions can offer full integration with telephone systems and perform a host of ‘seamless functions’ not available via other devices – offering upfront and recurring revenue.

“We supply licenced and licence free equipment with both Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and Private Mobile Radio (PMR) devices available. We work with major brands such as Hytera, Icom and Motorola as well as Storno.”

He added: “We’ve sold two-way radios for many years but we are now able to offer resellers access to more powerful licenced equipment that can communicate over much longer distances.

“Depending on the model, two-way radios have the ability to integrate with telephone systems and also Wi-Fi. They can link the whole of the communication chain together. Radio communication can now be worldwide. The possibilities and sales opportunities are endless. It’s not just one-to-one communication as they can connect many relevant parties; a bit like a conference unit, across multiple sites.

“There’s a perception in some quarters that two-way radios are ‘yesterday’s technology’ limited to niche markets, but that’s definitely not the case. From leisure centres and shopping malls to warehouses, car parks, building sites and schools, demand is on the rise. Two-way radios are the final piece of the comms puzzle.”

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