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Nimans & NEC Join Forces

Posted on September 13, 2016

Nimans & NEC Join Forces

NEC and Nimans have joined forces to alert dealers to the escalating dangers of toll fraud – and why they should guard themselves and their customers from the growing threats of attack.

NEC’s Toll Fraud ‘InGuard’ application works with the SV9100 and SL1100 systems as part of an effective, easy to install and robust solution. In addition because the ‘on board’ application is embedded, there’s no extra cost and maintenance of a PC or server.

“A health check feature scans a customer’s system and network for any weaknesses with a ‘traffic light’ safety score,” says Yvonne Tierney-Neave, Nimans’ Solutions Business Manager for NEC.

“By identifying these security risks the installation is then tailor-made for the specific user set up making it as effective as possible.”

Yvonne says to try and stem the tide NEC’s specific ‘anti-hacking’ technology is being supported by an awareness campaign, which has the full backing of supplier Nimans.

“Global phone fraud costs an estimated £25bn per year with the UK one of the most targeted countries, so it’s not a problem that should be ignored. It’s become an organised crime with links to drug dealers and even terrorists.”

Yvonne concluded: “It’s estimated that 84% of UK businesses are not safe from hacking. Regardless of whether it’s an analogue, digital or IP-based system, fraudsters can gain access to a phone system in seconds. By the time a company discovers fraudulent calls have been made it’s often too late. An average cost to a UK victim is around £10,000 and this may be undetected until the phone bill arrives.

“Toll fraud is such an emotive subject and this NEC solution makes a great door opener for a sale and a valuable USP over the competition.”

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