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Reasons To Sell Hosted Telephony

Posted on July 13, 2016

Reasons To Sell Hosted Telephony

Paul Burn, Head of Category Sales at Nimans, offers his views.

One of the biggest reasons resellers should be selling hosted is because their customers want it. Margins are getting squeezed on hardware and it’s a good way of capturing recurring revenue which builds company value and long term stability. Another factor is the danger of getting left behind. At some stage they need to grasp the nettle. Hosted is not early adoption any more. There’s no bleeding edge. We’ve gone passed that. It’s reliable and established technology but we’ve still not reached the point where everyone is doing it. There’s lots of potential so it’s time to get on board and ride the wave.

New conversations with customers should be about what they want, what they need and achieving business benefits. At the moment what hosted is doing unintentionally is turning the conversation into a delivery one around how it comes in a building. For me it’s taking the conversation in the wrong direction. It should always be about business benefits. But there’s a danger it’s turning into a mobile phone style sale. I can give you this for X amount. The model and the mind-set needs addressing.

Our own GS-hosted proposition allows resellers to move into hosted in a truly choice way. They can maintain their upfront margin model or do it in the ‘new way’ of monthly income. We’re having a lot of success.

In terms of current trends, applications is where resellers should be focusing, particularly the mix of on premises and off premise products. For example door entry and call recording can still be on-site alongside a hosted telephony platform. Hosted is not an all or nothing conversation. Businesses can have their cake and eat it and there’s a perception in some quarters that they can’t.

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