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Technology Trends

Posted on October 12, 2016

Technology Trends

VHS videos, public phones boxes and fax machines are all indelible relics of the past in an ever evolving technology world, says Richard Carter, Group Sales & Business Development Director at Nimans.

It’s fair to say I’ve witnessed many historic changes throughout my 30-year comms career – inspiring lots of fond memories along the way. One of my earliest recollections was the emergence of the fax machine, fuelled in part by postal strikes in the late 80’s.

A lot has changed since then but the technology of today can still be influenced by innovations from the past. Take two-way radios for example. For many resellers it’s a sector probably not on their radar, overtaken by more modern mobile and cloud-based trends. But here at Nimans we’ve just brought back a famous name of the past… Storno.

Radio communications are being hailed as the ‘missing piece’ in the comms jigsaw, combining advanced technologies with rich untapped revenue streams. Today’s modern solutions can offer full integration with telephone systems and perform a host of seamless functions not available via other devices – offering upfront and recurring revenue.

With any technology timing is crucial as every reseller is on a slightly different journey. We’re lucky to work in an industry that’s constantly changing where lots of new opportunities are always being created. The growing influence of the Cloud has triggered a huge rise in demand for IP end points and this will continue to accelerate. Our new end-to-end IP deployment and support solution is designed to help resellers make greater strides forward as we reinforce our reputation as the ‘Logistics Engine of the Industry’.

To maintain success we should look forward and embrace the technologies of tomorrow, but not completely forget the influences of the past.

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