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Technology Trends

Posted on 10/01/2017

Richard Carter, Director of Channel Sales, Nimans assess the impact of technology trends…

In today’s ever-converging world resellers shouldn’t become too preoccupied by off or on-premise solutions.

Asking which is the best deployment model is not generally the right approach as in most cases it’s not the most important factor. We shouldn’t get too obsessed by the cloud verses on-premise. The mindset around deployment rather than functionality and solution sales sometimes needs rebalancing.

It’s what the customer wants and what they are trying to achieve. How do their staff work? These are much more fundamental questions.

We are at a point in the industry where we have a luxury we’ve never had before; as we can confidently ask what the customer is trying to achieve because it’s very unlikely there won’t be a solution available. Resellers can ask in-depth questions and then just apply the right products to the answers. There is no universal best deployment model. The best one is the one that suits each customer.

For us it’s important to offer our customers access all parts of the market at their own speed. If they want to sell standard phone systems, no worries we are here for you. If you want to sell full on hosted, we’re here and if you want to sell hybrid we are here for you as well. The market is shifting but resellers should be comfortable to move when the time is right for them.

Reseller Interaction
As an independent UK distributor with a 35 year trading pedigree we’ve obviously witnessed many changes over the years. But delivering great service and a wide product portfolio is only a part of what we do. Of course the internet has revolutionised daily and working lives but our customers still receive and appreciate the human touch. Everyone has an individual Account Manager. They don’t just order take but advise and understand the needs of customers. Reseller interaction is as important as ever to us.

Market Trends
Despite uncertain economic times there are still lots to be positive about with continued high demand for WLAN and hosted end points as well as traditional comms platforms.

End points will grow strongly with more focus around functionality rather than just being a simple device. People are looking more at what that phone can do and how it can enhance the overall platform. Skype for Business will continue to accelerate particularly in the enterprise space where functionality and integration will be important factors. Here at Nimans we are the ‘logistics engine of the industry’ and we’ve invested heavily in a new auto provisioning service to help resellers maximise market opportunities. We also offer buy-back and refresh programmes to reduce the cost of technology.

Inevitably a lot of the industry is going hosted but for us the majority of the market remains on-premise. Systems sales remain on the rise at Nimans, bucking industry trends where demand continues to fall.

According to the latest MZA stats orders are down 3% across the industry but they are up 10% year-on-year at Nimans for CCU shipments and associated applications in the sub 100 extension arena. Everyone is aware that the impact of the cloud and an uncertain economic outlook is biting into the traditional comms space – but not at Nimans.

To help us maintain and attract new partners we are not only placing significant investment in helping resellers protect their existing revenue streams but also develop new areas of activity such as applications and WLAN. We are up-beat about the year ahead and our customers should be too.

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