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Wi-Fi Opportunities

Posted on September 2, 2016

Wi-Fi Opportunities

Wi-Fi represents a tremendous business opportunity for resellers and is one of the fastest growing sales areas at Nimans. It’s a natural fit for resellers to branch out away from traditional telephony sales, according to Stuart Bate, Nimans’ Sales Project Manager

Current State of Play
The AC wireless protocol became mainstream in 2015. This was designed to cater for the latest devices. The Wi-Fi Alliance introduces new standards every few years which denotes how fast Wi-Fi can run.

The average Access Point that runs on the previous Wireless N is 300mps but with AC the entry level is 867mps so there’s a big difference. AC is designed more around business use than N was. People can use AC more as a standalone network within their premises for PC’s laptops and all other devices. It caters for a much bigger density with more people connecting at the same time.

However general adoption at the moment is very low. Here at Nimans we are launching some awareness campaigns to make resellers realise there’s a big difference between the two. Cost difference shouldn’t be a major problem. You do need to upgrade the Access Points but existing Samsung controllers can still be used for example, and nothing needs to be re-wired.

One of the strongest arguments we are saying to resellers is that if their customers are upgrading their devices every year but they are not upgrading their Wi-Fi infrastructure at the back end they are undermining the performance of those devices.

The Way Ahead
The way forward is very much AC. That’s where the industry is heading but there’s also another new development in the pipeline with Wave 2 of AC coming out from several major players towards the back end of this year. It’s another massive leap forward with 6Gbps on the connections.

N is still being deployed, either due to cost or simple lack of awareness. The advantage of going to AC is very obvious and Wave 2 will be even more powerful.

Another consideration resellers should be aware of is that newer devices are using a new frequency which is 5GHZ. This was introduced a few years ago too. It is available on N and AC and easily surpasses the previous 2.4GHZ which Wi-Fi was traditionally working on. The 2.4GHZ space has got very crowded with DECT phones, car alarms, Bluetooth and wireless headsets all using it. So if a lot of those devices are in the same area it crowds that air space and shortens the range of Wi-Fi. 5GHZ is a clean signal that nothing else is using this frequency so there are much faster speeds being generated. It’s another important factor resellers should be aware of.

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