UC Cloud Platforms from Nimans

No matter what requirements your customers have for a Cloud UC Platform, Nimans has a solution for all types and sizes of organisations. Our expert team are on hand to guide you to the most suitable platform for your customer’s needs, providing help and support from onboarding, through to sales and technical support.

A fully featured SMB hosted solution with app suite. Offered as license only or hardware-included subscription models. Beyond offer exceptional support and installation options.

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A feature-rich PBX ‘in the cloud’, which is highly scalable and has applications in most sectors. The system can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer via a range of add-ons.

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This market-leading Mobility solution is suitable for SMB through to Enterprise markets and contact Centres. It includes a fully featured collaboration suite, including document sharing and supports multiple vendor’s handsets.

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The zoomphone offering is based on a commission only model. Unlike the other solutions, it has a zero cost of entry with little or no engineering resource needed. zoomphone is highly scalable to tens of thousands of users.

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Nimans guide to UC Cloud

With 4 best-in-class Cloud platforms on offer and a wide range of UC endpoints and services, Nimans is your go-to partner for UCaaS.

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