EPOS EXPAND Vision Series

All-In-One Video Collaboration 

The hybrid workplace demands solutions that bring us closer. The EPOS EXPAND Vision Series sets a new standard in connecting professionals through enabling simple, effective video collaboration.


Personal USB Camera

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USB Conference Camera

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Video Conferencing Solution

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Video Conferencing Bar

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EPOS EXPAND Vision 1 Personal Webcam

Complete your customer's hybrid work setup with the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1. This compact, portable USB webcam delivers ultra-sharp video and exceptional voice pickup whether they're working from home, on the go, or in an individual office space. Look and sound professional with EPOS Audio™ and a 4K camera optimized to produce the best picture in any light conditions.

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EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M USB Meeting Room Camera

Complete your customers meeting space with the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M, an easy-to-use USB camera for small to medium-sized meeting rooms. This camera fits perfectly as a modular part of a native meeting room solution or into any bring-your-own-device (BYOD) meeting room. The 4K camera is optimized to produce the best picture in any light conditions, whilst intelligent picture framing automatically adjusts the view based on the number of participants.

Certified for leading UC providers, including Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows and Android™.

Offer your customers the ultimate BYOD bundle with the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M together with a choice of EXPAND speakerphones. See our EPOS Promotions for more information.

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EXPAND Vision 3T Video Conferencing Solution

EPOS EXPAND Vision 3T all-in-one video collaboration solution for today’s smart office. Join meetings with just one touch and enjoy a full Microsoft Teams experience. Enhance collaboration with full HD video and exceptional voice pickup and noise cancellation – powered by EPOS AI™.

Simple to set up, simple to install – and with the full feature set of Microsoft Teams. Your customers can enjoy a natural meeting experience and benefit from facial expressions, body language and voices with exceptional clarity that boost productivity. Intelligent, sleek, and elegant, EXPAND Vision 3T creates a high-quality video conferencing system for up to eight in-room participants.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Comes with wide angle 4K camera with Sony® sensor, enhanced PTZ and superior audio from included EPOS EXPAND SP 30T
  • Intelligent solution with automatic software updates, remote device management and provisioning. Simply plug and play
  • All-in-one solution that’s ready when your customers are. No PC needed. One touch, and they’re in
  • Enjoy a natural meeting experience with intelligent picture framing, voice tracking and noise cancellation. Powered by EPOS AI™
  • Immerse in Microsoft Teams with all the familiar features. Fully integrated 


All-in-one video collaboration solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™ for today's smart office, providing full HD video and superior audio from the connected EPOS EXPAND 30T speakerphone. Certified for Microsoft Teams.

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Existing EXPAND 30T or EXPAND 80T?
Add video with the EXPAND Vision 3T Core

For customers who already have an EPOS EXPAND 30T or EXPAND 80T, the EXPAND Vision 3T Core video bar is also available to purchase separately. This makes it possible to connect it to an existing EXPAND 30T or EXPAND 80T speakerphone. The EXPAND 30T, EXPAND 80T and EXPAND Vision 3T Core are all fully certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™.

EPOS EXPAND Vision 3T Core

High-definition video bar for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™. Join meetings with just one touch and enjoy a full Microsoft Teams experience. Comes without speakerphone for freedom to choose between EPOS EXPAND 80T or EXPAND 30T for a Microsoft Teams certified solution.

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EXPAND Vision 3T Video Collaboration Bundle

Experience an all-in-one meeting room solution built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ designed for people to achieve more. 

Transform any meeting room into a hub of productivity and unite colleagues regardless of location. The EPOS EXPAND Vision 3T Core video bar paired with the EXPAND 80T speakerphone ensures everyone is clearly seen and heard. Effortlessly control and schedule meetings using the EXPAND Control tablet. Certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™.

All-In-One Meeting Solution
Enjoy a complete meeting experience with high-definition video, outstanding sound, and full control over calls.

Simple Setup
The product bundle is designed to work perfectly together right out of the box. Simply pair the devices to get started.

Easy Maintenance
Peace of mind thanks to automatic software updates and remote device management for all products in the bundle.

EPOS EXPAND Vision 3T Bundle

All-in-one video collaboration bundle for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™ for today’s hybrid worker. Simple to set up, easy to install. Superior video and sound that brings colleagues closer whether they're working remotely or at the office. 

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EXPAND Vision 5 Video Conferencing Bar

EPOS EXPAND Vision 5 is an all-in-one video bar built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology. Designed with unique algorithms and acoustics to help the brain focus and orient while in hybrid meetings, the EXPAND Vision 5 is here to boost productivity on both sides of the video call.

Key Benefits & Features

  • All-in-one product - speakers, camera, microphones and compute are built in to make this an all-in-one device for small meeting rooms. No PC needed
  • Superb audio performance - powerful stereo speakers carry every word clearly. Beamforming microphone array ensures crisp voice pickup and effective noise and echo cancellation
  • Intelligent camera solution - wide angle 4K camera with Sony sensor and electromechanical pan/tilt for optimal room coverage
  • Easy setup and installation - quick and effortless configuration with a range of flexible mounting options 
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™ (with EXPAND Control) and Zoom Rooms


Take video conferencing to a new level with EXPAND Vision 5 for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. A powerful all-in-one video bar with razor-sharp video and outstanding audio performance thanks to two integrated speakers and four microphones. Certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™ (with EXPAND Control) and certification in process for Zoom Rooms.

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EPOS EXPAND Vision 5 and EXPAND Control Bundle

Combine the EPOS EXPAND Vision 5 with the EXPAND Control meeting room controller for optimal meeting experience. Control meetings easily using the large touch-screen display on the EXPAND Control tablet, allowing for one-touch join with no laptops needed.

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EPOS EXPAND Control Meeting Room Controller

The EPOS EXPAND Control tablet serves as either a meeting room controller or a scheduling panel, seamlessly integrating with leading UC solutions for any meeting room. Hassle-free installation and flexible tidy mounting options deliver an intuitive user experience that drives fast deployment and adoption.

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