Solutions for the
Hybrid Workforce

Empowering the Hybrid Workplace

There is no one approach to hybrid work that will work for every organisation. We are still learning about the opportunities and complexities of a flexible workplace, but what we have experienced has lead to permanent shifts in the way we think about the physical office and remote work.

To foster a long-term hybrid work strategy businesses must reconsider what we know about office design, work culture and digital transformation. At the core of a connected and productive workforce lie communication and collaboration tools that allow teams to connect and work together effectively, regardless of time or location.

Improving Communication and Collaboration

Clear communication and the ability to focus from wherever work happens is the foundation of workplace productivity. Companies need audio and video solutions that are designed for both shared and individual workspaces, while being easy to deploy, manage and monitor.

Intelligent Audio - removes background noise and optimises speech providing more productive meetings while working from anywhere.

Smart Cameras - smart video technology optimises the video feed to create an engaging and inclusive meeting experience.

Device Management - technology that lets IT managers offer remote support and device management helps businesses effectively scale their operations.

EPOS Solutions for Individual Workspaces

Whether working remote or from home, individual workspaces presents unique challenges for employees. EPOS solutions can help overcome these challenges, with premium hardware designed for portability, reliability and comfort, to help your customers concentrate wherever work happens.

Home Office

For the home office we'd recommend the EPOS ADAPT 200. It comes with a noise-cancelling microphone with a flexible boom arm that makes sure customers are heard clearly. The ADAPT 260 features flexible Bluetooth connectivity and lightweight design making it comfortable to wear all day.

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Outside the Office

The EPOS EXPAND Vision 1 is a compact, portable USB webcam that delivers ultra-sharp video and exceptional voice pickup wherever your customers work from. They'll look and sound professional with EPOS Audio™ and a 4K camera optimised to produce the best picture in any light conditions.

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On-the-Go Work

The EPOS ADAPT 600 Series is perfect for the worker who is often on-the-go. It features adaptive ANC that filters out external distractions, helping employees maximise concentration and productivity. Powered by EPOS AI™, users can enjoy superb call quality regardless of their environment.

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EPOS Solutions for Shared Workspaces

A major shift for organisations is rethinking their meeting spaces and how to equip meeting rooms of different sizes and configurations. EPOS audio and video solutions are designed for group collaboration spaces including huddle spaces, small, medium and large meeting rooms.

Desk Work

The EPOS ADAPT 200 Series features a boom arm with noise-cancelling microphone to filter out ambient noise, making it an ideal headset for calls in the office. Certified for Microsoft Teams, jump straight into Teams meetings with the dedicated Microsoft Teams button. Lightweight, portable design and Bluetooth® connectivity.

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Huddle Rooms

The EPOS EXPAND Vision 3T video bar and EXPAND 30T speakerphone ensure that all meeting participants are seen and heard. Full HD video, exceptional voice pickup and noise cancellation delivers more productive meetings and a great collaborative experience, regardless of location.

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Small Meeting Rooms

Combine the EPOS EXPAND Vision 5, a powerful all-in-one video bar, with the EXPAND Control meeting room controller for an optimal meeting experience. Control meetings easily using the large touch-screen display on the EXPAND Control tablet, allowing for one-touch join with no laptop needed .

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EPOS Meeting Room Solutions

EPOS offers full meeting room solutions that enable seamless global collaboration. Equip meeting rooms of all sizes with the right technology. Discover more EPOS Meeting Room Solutions

Works with the platforms your customers use

EPOS works with leading UC and software partners to ensure that their devices are fully compatible with the platforms and software solutions your customers use.
Their meeting and conference solutions are designed with the hybrid workforce in mind

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