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Welcome to the EPOS Partner Program

The EPOS partner program is designed to increase efficiencies and drive profitable growth for partners. If you’re not already an EPOS partner, your Nimans account manager can help guide you through the process. Or, if you’re looking to move up a level, we can help with that too.

The EPOS Partner Program has four tiers: Registered, Silver, Gold and Platinum. It is highly inclusive, with partners ranked on revenue, but also on their engagement with EPOS. The program has been specifically designed to recognise the important role that partners play in sharing their expertise and passion with EPOS end-customers. Reaching sales targets becomes much easier when partners are fully invested, and this results in greater rewards and growth for all.

Why join?

With continued commercial commitment, partners can access tools to help increase revenue and boost customer engagement.

Growth - grow your business and open up new opportunities with ongoing training for the sales, product and marketing teams within your organisation.

Support - get support for every phase of the sales process. Stay up-to-date with the latest on new products, features, product roadmaps, samples, deal registration and pricing.

Efficiency - save time by getting to know the products and market early. Transform your marketing efforts with easy marketing programs and access to product samples.

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Partner Program Tiers

Get started with the EPOS partner program and take advantage of the first benefits available to you, including deal registration, e-learning and special price support.

Grow with the silver tier while still enjoying access to registered tier support. Reach targets with individual rewards and access market development funds.

Take advantage of Registered and Silver tier benefits, while securing your success with the Gold tier. In addition to your Nimans account manager, you'll enjoy support from a dedicated EPOS account manager who will provide access to product samples, not-for-resale products and much more.

Enjoy full access to Registered, Silver and Gold tier benefits, and exceed your goals with Platinium. As an EPOS Platinum partner, you will have access to exclusive benefits and a premium experience with the EPOS VIP program.

Get started today and let's grow together! You are just one step away from accelerating your growth, tapping into partner-centric support, and enhancing your efficiency. Count on Nimans and EPOS expertise to set you up for success. Contact your Nimans account manager or complete the form below.

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