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2013 Vision

Posted on 31/10/2012

UC momentum will continue to accelerate throughout 2013 but resellers need to change their mindset to fully capitalise on market opportunities. 

That’s the view of Richard Carter from Nimans who says a more ‘joined up comms picture’ is set to emerge, where UC enhances existing recurring revenue opportunities. 

UC – and the continued growth of hosted solutions, SIP trunks, call recording and video conferencing – will play a more prominent role, alongside traditional PBX platforms that offer unrivalled voice capabilities.

Carter explained: “UC is yet to fully explode because there are still a lot of grey areas - with many deployments based only on presence, instant messaging and internal voice calls which are nowhere near the full story. 

“Moving forward the reality for us as a community is that an increasing number of companies want simple telephony and could well go for hosted. Ownership of the WAN or ‘pipe’ is therefore crucial for a reseller to maintain customer ownership. Greater reliability and lower cost of high capacity bandwidth are key factors. 

“There’s a mindset change needed about how to price solutions and services – a fixed cost per month per user. It’s very much like a mobile phone tariff; manageable chunks of perhaps £15 per month. It’s about personalising the cost per month per individual.

 “A mobile phone is very expensive over five years, but people don’t tend to view it that way. In the future when companies take on staff they will also allocate a monthly budget for different applications.

 “As a distributor it’s important to evolve. We will always sell traditional phone systems – such as the exclusive iQ PBX IP innovation - but that will never be 100% of our business any more. There’s growing momentum around hosted and UC. 2013 will see further traction but the speed of adoption will be heavily influenced by how quickly reseller’s evolve their own business models.”

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