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4G Force

Posted on 19/08/2013

So what’s your thoughts on 4G? Is it just a load of hype or is it really going to revolutionise the way we communicate on the go? 

Certainly it’s fair to say that the latest high speed solution for today’s increasingly data hungry world hasn’t set the industry on fire – with originally just one network provider and many swathes of the country still waiting to get a signal. The previous 3G connection hasn’t won universal acclaim either. 

4G has much work to do to convince a sceptical public but for me over the next few years it will be viewed as a watershed moment and a game changer for the whole communication industry. 

Now that O2 has announced services will be live in 13 cities by the end of the year, this will further accelerate growth – boosted by a pledge to have 98% of the UK population connected by 2015. London, Leeds and Bradford were the first cities scheduled to go live at the end of August. So how will this impact on the reseller community, as more big-name players enter the market?

4G is going to bring mobility into areas it never was before like video conferencing, applications and so on.  The way we sell mobile data is also changing. On the back of 4G people will want to consume more data but perhaps in a different way. That’s about us selling terabytes of data to resellers and enabling them to carve it up how they want to as part of their core proposition.

In the past it was the network driving the technology but in the future the technology will drive the network. As soon as 4G gets opened up the technology is already sat there waiting for this to happen. It’s the start of a new era but we are still only in the first phase.

 Richard Carter, Group Sales & Business Development Director, Nimans

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