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4G Satisfies The Need For Speed

Posted on 11/06/2014

4G is on course to become the de facto standard in mobile connectivity, potentially overtaking Wi-Fi, although there’s still much work to be done.

Mark Curtis-Wood, Head of Network Services at Nimans says 4G is a ‘game changer’ that is revolutionising how we communicate and access information on the go – satisfying the ‘need for speed’ in an ever data hungry world.

“4G unlike 3G has much higher penetration in and around buildings and is popping up everywhere. It’s open to opinion but in the future I don’t see the reliance on W-Fi being anywhere near as great. 4G momentum continues to grow.”

However he concedes the full impact is still to be felt, as many areas of the country don’t have 4G coverage but when they do services will snowball.

He emphasised: “4G is going to bring true mobility into areas it never was before like video conferencing, SIP applications and so on.  The way we sell mobile data is also changing. As people are using more data with 4G data bolt-ons are already becoming larger.”

Curtis-Wood continued: “It’s the start of a new era but we are still only in the first phase. Clearly 4G isn’t accessible for everyone. Is it living up to the hype? If you live in a metropolitan area with a strong signal you are going to have a different view to someone living in a rural area. It opens up the landscape to be able to truly take your office on the move. 4G makes video conferencing and SIP applications on the move a lot more realistic. In the past it was the network driving the technology but in the future the technology will drive the network.

“The network operators are streamlining their tariffs and gradually phasing out 3G with more choice around 4G; that’s their key focus. Everything is pretty much 4G now it’s just a question of whether it can be used – that could be down to lack of coverage or lack of phone capability. Our strategy going forward is eventually everything will be 4G. In the past users had to pay extra for 4G but the networks are rationalising that so there’s no difference. There’s no reason why a user wouldn’t gear up for 4G as the signal will just revert back to 3G in certain areas.”

Nimans has produced a handy guide to help resellers get to grips with emerging opportunities around 4G as more major cities and towns go live. The 20-page ‘What’s It All About’ booklet aims to ensure resellers are primed to capitalise on sales potential with high speed mobile connectivity inspiring new ways of working.

Nimans is an official O2 JUC wholesale partner and Curtis-Wood concluded: “It’s about making technology work for resellers and their customers, as 4G opens up new ways to access services requiring more capacity such as video streaming and video calls. Future generations will view 4G as a watershed moment. It’s starting to drive productivity and efficiency and inspire new ways of working.

“For us we are putting a lot of effort into helping resellers retain business as well as attracting new customers and keeping churn rates as low as possible – by working closely together and helping them understand a wider mix of solutions.”

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