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A Big Opportunity

Posted on 12/04/2013

Big Data is one of the latest phrases to enter the communications vocabulary. For a reseller it’s another new phrase to grabble with, try to understand and hopefully exploit revenue opportunities. 

So what is this new so-called phenomenon? Big Data boils down to bigger network capacity, faster speeds and constant connectivity. 

Interestingly I’ve been hearing about how Big Data can inspire the health industry to create solutions that lead to the elimination of most curable diseases. This may sound crazy but apparently it’s true. Data such as shopping habits and diet, gathered using wearable or even swallowable sensor technology could pave the way for people to live into their hundreds! 

Big Data is one of the biggest trends in the business network arena, but it shouldn’t lead to ‘big problems’ for resellers. The main reason they should be getting involved is to meet changing customer requirements. The biggest challenge for resellers is how they move from a transactional sale to a more consultative and fact finding solution sale. Clearly analysis of data is vital to maximise these ever-powerful network platforms. Storing all that data is one thing; but actually doing something useful with it is another. Successful resellers deliver a solution that provides business intelligence (BI) so that customers can start to drill down into their data to maximise and generate new revenue streams by transforming data into actionable insights. 

If you go back a few years, many companies just had a simple 2 meg lease line. That’s positively tiny compared to the larger bandwidth upgrades now being put in. It’s all about ‘Big Data’. Will it be a big opportunity for you? The potential is mind boggling.  

Richard Carter, Group Sales and Business Development Director, Nimans

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