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A Louder Voice

Posted on 01/08/2013

Working with an aggregator gives resellers a louder voice and more clout in an increasingly competitive data centric world – helping them gain a competitive market advantage. 

“The role of an aggregator is very important as it allows resellers to access a multitude of different products across different carriers who have different commercial relationships and product sets,” says Mark Curtis-Wood, Head of Networks at Nimans. 

“Here at Nimans we’ve gone through an in-depth process to find one total supplier for everything. It’s virtually impossible because you’ve got disparate Service Level Agreements and fibre networks in the country. One supplier will be very strong in one area whilst another will have the edge elsewhere. A total solution that covers everything for a reseller and their customers is very hard to find.”

Mark continued: “Dealing with an aggregator allows a reseller to spread his choice and cast his net further afield. An aggregator can flex its larger muscles. One of the biggest challenges for a reseller is trying to carve up its pie to keep every single supplier happy. You could end up with very bad commercials or no support because you are a small fish in a big pond or you end up having good commercials but only with a select number of people. An aggregator allows them to have better commercials, more choice and a louder voice with a multitude of providers.

“Inevitably the challenge for an aggregator is how they manage their relationships with lots of supply partners and SLA’s have to be managed very carefully. Ultimately it comes down to having the strength and internal support in place. An aggregator gets an SLA off a supplier and a good aggregator should be driving accountability for that – holding them responsible for delivering against it

“If you are a small reseller that may only do one circuit every six months you don’t have a very large voice to go and hold the supplier accountable. In most cases the networks are not great at being held accountable, and that’s where an aggregator can assert its authority and resolve any issues.”

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