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A Retail Revolution

Posted on 15/11/2013

With the Christmas shopping season in full swing it’s hard to ignore the continued shift in power from the high street to online. 

Next year will see us hearing a lot more about mCommerce which is one of the biggest driving forces - and these mobile-based buying trends are set to revolutionise the way we shop in years to come. Technology is changing the face of the traditional high street and there’s no going back. How retailers evolve will be interesting to observe. 

Consumer habits also have a direct impact on the corporate arena and next year will see more reliance on our mobile phones and tablets, reinforcing BYOD. 4G will be another influential factor, providing the potential to have ‘your office in your pocket’.

So how will 2013 be remembered? The slow steady progress of the general economy will continue next year, leading to further growth and forward momentum.

For me 2014 represents a significant chance for resellers to make up lost ground and capitalise on growing business opportunities fuelled by economic recovery and continued advances in technology. Hosted, Video Conferencing, 4G mobile and general connectivity are big growth areas.

Hosted will get stronger next year with more demand already being witnessed. Video as a Service is now part of our proposition. Video Conferencing in general is still to fully take off and there’s big potential here.

Resellers that have grasped VC are doing well, but I don’t think some are fully getting the message. Some may have dabbled in this area before and encountered technical problems. However things have moved on significantly and it’s a lot easier to implement, manage and maintain now than it’s ever been before.

Richard Carter, Group Sales & Business Development Director, Nimans

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