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A Smarter Way To Travel?

Posted on 13/05/2013

Smart phones, smart TV’s and now even smart cars are set to revolutionise the way we communicate. 

Many of the biggest auto manufacturers are developing technology to accelerate the ‘connected car’ concept, from diagnostics to entertainment; much more than basic mobile phone integration and real time traffic information. 

It wasn’t that long ago that having a hands-free kit or a big cradle on your windscreen for your sat-nav was viewed as cutting edge. But it seems a technology tidal wave is just around the corner that will have a huge impact on how we communicate behind the wheel. 

Access to real time, location-based information while driving will be of huge personal value, providing everything from warnings on road conditions, emergency or roadside assistance and the condition of car parts to personalised route planning, nearby parking spots or the nearest and cheapest places to fill up your tank. There’s talk of in-built 4G connectivity and wi-fi hot spots for TV and music streaming all via voice control. 

Remote maintenance and diagnostics will see cars ‘fixed’ via software without ever being taken off the road! Insurance firms are already using so-called ‘smart boxes’ to monitor driving habits and reward safer drivers. 

It’s an exciting proposition that’s gaining momentum on a monthly basis – the days of a crackling old MW radio you manually tuned in are long gone! 

All of this state-of-the-art connectivity will spread into the general corporate arena, bringing true office functionality into the cockpit of even the most modest of cars. It’s another example of how the communication world is on the road to further success. Are you ready to take advantage and drive your business further forward? 

Richard Carter, Group Sales & Business Development Director, Nimans

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