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A Wireless Office World Based On Wi-Fi

Posted on 11/06/2014

Wi-Fi is playing a front line role in ‘bridging’ the mobile world with traditional office-based communication platforms, fuelling a boom in demand and support services for distributor Nimans.

“We are seeing the increase in our exposure to Wi-Fi and IP DECT being driven by a phone system’s compatibility with these technologies,” says Paul Burn, Head of Category Sales. “SIP DECT as well as mobile integration are growing areas and manufacturers are using Wi-Fi technology to deploy different applications. The requirement to seamlessly transfer a mobile call into an office environment is often driven by the engagement with a Wi-Fi network.

“The Wi-Fi network is now becoming the bridge between the outside world and the inside world. That’s where we are seeing demand growing, driven by the integration of mobile and fixed line telephony…. Wi-Fi being the mechanism or glue that makes it all happen.”

Companies with mobile workers and field based staff are fully embracing this area, based on a one device ethos much akin to BYOD, according to Burn.

“Wi-Fi is so important in today’s connected world and because of that, more resellers are getting involved. If they don’t have the knowledge they can find themselves getting into trouble.

“This is a major growth area for us. We are partnering with big industry suppliers, upskilling staff and investing in technology to enable resellers to conduct effective site surveys. This is very important as Wi-Fi is very similar to normal DECT deployments, a survey is everything…. a bad survey often leads to a bad install and a poor user experience. Considerations such as the number of base stations and internal wall thickness are all contributory factors, especially in older buildings. Doing your homework is key for a reseller and the difference between success and failure.”

Burn doesn’t think resellers are missing out on opportunities, but recognising them a lot more. “They’ve been selling wireless headsets for years, but that’s not the same thing. Essentially they are now getting to grips with a Wi-Fi network as part of a client’s general network infrastructure. The convergence of voice and data places the network at the forefront of their minds, and that network will have an element of Wi-Fi which is often the core component.”

Burn added: “There’s still a good demand for traditional DECT as some business don’t want to put their voice and data networks together. IP DECT is gradually taking over, driven by the fact Wi-Fi is available and can be utilised as part of a more seamless and integrated approach.

“This is very much a key focus for us and our customers and we are enjoying great success. New suppliers are coming on board. We are taking things very seriously and investing in both staff and software to ensure our customers can gain a competitive market advantage.”

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