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An Apple A Day

Posted on 11/01/2012

The Apple brand is absolutely fantastic. I’m continually impressed by its captivating technology that sets the benchmark in so many different ways.

From my iPad to my iPhone everything is synched via iCloud in such a user friendly and reliable way that using gadgets is always a pleasure. I particularly enjoy watching stunning HD movie footage on Apple TV straight from a handheld wire free device, at the swoosh of a finger.

Apple may be exceptionally strong in the consumer world, but in the corporate arena many lessons can also be learned. As all devices seamlessly integrate in a totally instinctive way, Apple’s technology has opened people’s eyes to the power of converged communication - raising expectations inside and outside of work.

From a reseller’s perspective it’s important not to get left behind. Evolve or die has never been more apt. We all know the dangers if we don’t diversify and develop. In today’s increasingly competitive world, you can’t afford to stand still as in reality you will get left behind.

In these tough economic times it’s good to see many resellers are looking ahead in an upbeat mood this year.  One recent industry survey indicated over 60% of businesses are expecting better times compared to 2011 with just 12% fearing it will be worse.

The Olympic Games should provide the whole country with a welcome tonic whilst the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is another reason to inject some pride back into the nation. Then there’s the European football championships – so it’s sure to be a Summer to remember. I wonder how much of the action will be viewed on an Apple device?

Richard Carter, Group Sales & Business Development Director, Nimans.

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