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An Egg-stra Special Way To Slash Energy Bills

Posted on 24/10/2013

Salford-based tech distributor Nimans has become the exclusive supplier of an ‘egg-stra special’ innovation that can help slash rocketing energy bills. 

Energy Egg is the brainchild of Brian O’Reilly, a 38-year-old entrepreneur and father of four – who found himself constantly nagging his wife and children for leaving appliances on when nobody was using them around their home. 

His ingenious motion sensor system automatically turns off devices such as TV’s, games consoles, DVD players and lights when they’re not being used – typically saving 30% on the running costs of connected appliances and lights. 

The Energy Egg can even detect if you are sitting still or have left a room. Simple to use and set and forget, it wirelessly connects to a control adapter or strip that connects multiple appliances - and has the added ability to leave certain devices on stand-by such as a satellite receiver.One button can switch all devices on or off. 

Pet compatible, the Energy Egg is also great for potentially hazardous items such as irons and hair straighteners. Brian has now teamed-up with Nimans to officially launch the product in the UK, attracting a raft of major retail names such as Maplins and Amazon. 

The technology – originally launched as a prototype - is now available in a striking black design as part of a host of clever developments. These include a power strip for multiple connections, dedicated smart light switch, ceiling sensor and smaller control adapter. The system can even be configured to switch on appliances and lights when people enter a room. 

“Energy prices seem to rise every year,” Brian emphasised. “Energy has become such a valuable commodity it’s simply too expensive to waste. As energy prices continue to rise, so does demand for Energy Egg. People want to take control and fight back. Energy Egg is a very cost effective solution and allows them to do just that.” 

Brian set-up his own company, ‘TreeGreen’, several years ago, and says Energy Egg is a proven way to slash costly bills. “Our product range is evolving all the time. For example there’s now a way to switch off room lights that have been left on, in addition to plugged in devices. In the future we are looking into smartphone-based mobile applications to control heating. 

“I am really proud of Energy Egg. One day I hope we have smart houses where everything works in a similar way to the egg. Teaming up with Nimans will help take us to the next level.” 

He lives in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, with wife Gillian, 38, and children Anna, 10, Ellie, 8, Mary Kate 5 and six-month-old Francis. “My mum and dad’s generation grew up switching everything off but these days, with so many devices plugged in, it’s not that simple. However the days of me trawling around my home turning everything off at night are long gone. Looking after four children including a young baby is stressful enough. I don’t have the energy!”

Brian concluded: “We recognise that some devices, such as TV set-top boxes, need to be left in standby mode, and Energy Egg has been designed to ensure certain devices maintain power. It also gives a one minute warning before cutting power and has a master ‘off’ switch so if you have one by the side of your bed, it will send out a signal to turn everything off.”  Prices for the Energy Egg range start from £49.99 RRP.

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