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Back To The Future

Posted on 02/01/2013

As usual at this time of year people like to make predictions, from the state of the economy to the ‘next big thing’ for 2013 and who will win major sporting events. 

Interestingly there were many apocalyptic observers who claimed the world was going to end on December 21st but as you’re still here reading this thankfully that doomsday scenario never materialised. That’s the trouble with predictions they don’t always come true (fortunately). 

The communications industry has always been a hive of speculation, as we all strive to stay one step ahead of the competition. Things never stand still for long, but predicting the future remains as tricky as ever. 

UC, the Cloud, hosted and next generation networks have all made a big impact in 2012, but where will the market be in 12 months’ time? For me recurring revenue is likely to be one of the biggest talking points. 

Cost per user pricing will become much more prevalent this year. It’s a similar business model to mobile phones where companies are paying upwards of £40 a month to equip their staff with mobile devices. If you can provide e-mail and voice services at £15 per month per user this will generally be viewed as a very attractive proposition. But, over a five year period (for a 10 user system) this equates to £9,000 which is a lot of revenue for resellers to explore. 

In addition there’s the flexibility to add more technology further down the line to accommodate business growth or other changes in circumstance.

 Will 2013 be a good or bad year?  Only time will tell… but taking ownership of the ‘connectivity pipe’ will be crucial.

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