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Better Together?

Posted on 19/09/2014

Now that the dust has settled on the Scottish Referendum there remains almost as many questions as answers. Around four million Scots went to the polls yesterday as the whole of the UK held its breath with the break-up of the union and 300 years of history on the line.

The high turnout of almost 85% - including many young voters – was in many ways a triumph for democracy – and symbolised the importance of just what was at stake. In what was an unprecedented turn of events the three main political parties south of the border, quite rightly joined together with a universal voice about staying together. It’s rare to see them all agree for a change!

In recent years there’s been lots of consolidation within the technology sector, as companies join together rather than break apart – resellers, manufacturers and distributors. I suppose there are conflicting arguments as mergers could be seen to limit choice but organisations become much bigger, stronger, streamlined and effective.

When mergers take place businesses have to be careful they don’t alienate parts of their workforce and slow down the decision-making process. Centralising or dispersing power, whether from branch to branch or in the government’s case region to region can be good and bad - as loosening control in favour of a quicker and more dynamic impact can also lead to a more diluted universal voice.

As a nation are we better together or more diverse and vibrant by being independent and apart? Certainly the people of Scotland have mixed views…. only time will tell.

Richard Carter, Group Sales & Business Development Director, Nimans

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