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Big Data Boost

Posted on 05/06/2019

John McKindland, Head of Solutions Sales at Nimans looks at the impact of Big Data.

How can analytics be used as a source of new business?

Ultimately knowledge is power and you can never know enough about your customers, whether proactively making calls or reactively receiving them. Effective analytics is the golden rule to achieving this.

Call management is more about raising customer service levels and being responsive – measuring your proactivity to see what benefits have been gained from that activity. It’s the old adage about being a ‘busy fool’. You can spend all day on the phone trying to generate leads but unless it’s measured properly the impact will diminish. It’s about working smarter.

Here at Nimans we measure our stats, use call auditing and profile our calls to see if we give the right responses at the right times. We deliver a high and very relevant service. Call management and analytics helps ensure this.

What is the answer to the question of whether Business Intelligence can exist without Big Data?
Big data binds everything together to bring information alive. Profiling tools, CRM, call management and call recording can all be linked together. Business intelligence without big data doesn’t really work.

What do you say to a customer if they ask you ‘What information do I get from your communications platform and how can I productively use it?’
There is a lot of varied information that can be productively used. What we get asked the most for at an SMB level is in terms of call volumes in and out - and what was the average time to answer. Others will want live stats about how many calls are in a queue and what are the busiest periods so that enough staff resource is available. Unreturned calls is another big factor where a caller has hung up and not rung back as that’s possibly a missed opportunity to clinch a sale. All of these tools are available at a very low cost of entry which provides a broad appeal.

What about some real world examples of how business is benefitting from Big Data and Analytics?
Understanding your customers ultimately drives sales. There’s no shot in the dark anymore, everything is planned, measured and monitored and changed where necessary. It’s about adapting to a customer’s needs in a changing market place.
Here at Nimans we are able to track inbound and outbound call activity to a pipeline document and to an agent, to make sure our service is the best as it can be - and also as relevant as possible to our customers. Continuity of service with continuity of supply.
It’s about building a strong foundation to move a business further forward.

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