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Big Data Opportunity

Posted on 02/04/2013

‘Big Data’ is one of the biggest trends in the business network arena, but distributor Nimans says it shouldn’t lead to ‘big problems’ for resellers. 

“The main reason resellers should be getting involved is because customer requirements are changing,” says Head of Networks, Mark Curtis-Wood. “Some resellers may be frightened of the terminology such as MPLS because they don’t know what it means and therefore can’t embrace it and leverage sales opportunities. 

“It basically means you can bind multiple sites together so the first consideration for a reseller is does their customer have only one office or multiple locations? Once they understand the needs of their customers everything else should fall into place.” 

He continued: “They may have five or six offices which may be accessing the internet independently. Like we’ve seen with ISDN and SIP it’s about rationalisation of various products. If a business is paying for internet connectivity at five different sites, they don’t need to. They can have one internet connection from one site and connect the others through an MPLS network. Once that’s built, it a question of what else can they do. Like any other technology, the more you use it the more you can add and expand it. It’s vital to identify the current behaviour of your customers and more importantly what’s their business plan and where are they going to go in the future? Are staff using iPads? They may want to add other applications as it becomes part of their daily behaviour. The biggest challenge for resellers is how they move from a transactional sale to a more consultative and fact finding solution sale. That’s where we are adding significant value because all our channel development managers are fully trained to specialise in these areas. We can act as a virtual sales force to enable resellers to maximise sales opportunities. If there are any gaps in their operation we can help fill them in.” 

Mark emphasised: “If you go back a few years, companies just had a simple 2 meg lease line. That’s now old school when compared to some of the larger bandwidth upgrades we are now putting in. We’ve even got access to one gigabyte circuits and we are seeing these used as part of a disaster recovery platform. It’s all about ‘Big Data’ but what does that actually mean?     

“It boils down to bigger pipes and greater bandwidth and faster speeds. As part of an MPLS solution you can use simple DSL with no SLA back-up all the way through to one gig pipes that have got built-in resilience using multiple different providers, so if one network falls over you can easily switch to another. An MPLS solution can be made up of multiple key components. What’s really important is making sure the supplier being used has multiple different relationships. If a reseller has all his eggs in one basket, you could have a great MPLS network but if it all relies on one carrier and it falls over then everything else falls over too.”

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