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Big Success In Small PBX Market

Posted on 13/02/2012

Whilst the small PBX market remains very challenging, many golden nuggets of business can still be found. Tom Maxwell, Dealer Sales Director at Nimans says uncovering new revenue streams require perseverance, persuasion and persistence.

“It’s probably fair to point out that the number of new start businesses is not exactly at its peak. Therefore resellers need to make the most out of every sales opportunity and build customer loyalty by adopting a consultative approach.”

Tom explained: “In addition, the small PBX market is hampered by a lack of investment as many small businesses don’t have access to large amounts of ready cash, whilst borrowing is harder to secure.  Here at Nimans our own financial services division continues to help resellers unlock new business by providing leasing solutions. But in this current economic climate SMB’s need a compelling reason to upgrade their comms infrastructures.

“Unless it’s a new start business or there’s a specific requirement to buy a new phone system, such as a relocation, then end users won’t be banging on a reseller’s door requesting a new phone platform because their existing one is getting too old.

“Resellers have to find a niche. Every business, big and small is interested in saving money, reducing operating costs and boosting productivity. This is the best way to get a foot in the door. Resellers can then evaluate hardware and network costs, proposing solutions which in many cases would involve an upgrade to new equipment.”

Applications as well as hardware have a crucial role to play, according to Tom. “Remote working is a good starting point as many companies want to embrace more flexible working patterns but they are very often sceptical about the best way forward.

“Resellers can always add value. Very often the MD of a small company plays a frontline role with their sleeves rolled up and multi-tasking, so they are always interested in how they can work smarter and more efficiently, allowing them to operate away from the traditional office. Ask if they have a click-to-dial facility. That’s a possible gateway to introduce IP telephony.”

Tom says Messaging on Hold is another strong idea as companies can sell more services when callers are waiting to be connected. He points out how UC trends are also spreading lower down the market to boost productivity and performance.

He added: “Resellers need to find out how businesses are interacting with their customers compared to five years ago. Today’s technology can help companies become much more nimble and responsive. UC was once pretty much exclusive to the enterprise sector but not any more. There are now powerful all-in-one UC platforms dedicated to the SME arena, providing integrated IP voice and conferencing services, voicemail, presence and mobility capabilities. Resellers should be embracing these opportunities based on Microsoft Outlook integration.”

Tom concluded: “It’s about building close relationships, identifying pain points and providing ideas and solutions, making your customers stick with you. Resellers that show customers how they can use the latest comms technology to drive their businesses further forward are having the most success. The key is to understand what your customers require and bundle different services together.”

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