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BYOD Opportunities

Posted on 02/09/2013

BYOD is playing an influential role as mobility continues to evolve, according to Mark Curtis-Wood, Head of Networks at Nimans. But he says there are many factors that need to be considered for successful deployment – as a clear picture is still to emerge.

“BYOD is starting to have an impact on both sides of mobile distribution, but there are many factors involved. From a hardware perspective you will have less people buying mobile hardware because they will be using their own device. Anyone relying on hardware purchases will see an impact towards the back end of this year. The key challenge is how to overcome that.”

Mark says many IT departments are still trying to get to grips with what BYOD means, as he outlined: “I think most IT departments realise there’s a problem but don’t necessarily have all the answers or know where all the challenges lie with it. BYOD touches so many aspects of a business. There’s the Financial Director in terms of covering costs, the sales force with access to tools and how they are made more mobile. Obviously the IT department has to manage it all but they are not always aware of the risks or even which staff are using their own devices. I think they are starting to realise but there are a lot of factors involved.”

He added: “One of the key shifts I see is Mobile Device Management or MDM. This type of solution is critical in the deployment of BYOD as it provides the platform to move forward.

“It’s one reason why you will see IT resellers and Data VARS taking advantage of some of this space because they are currently better positioned than some of the traditional mobile dealers. They will be talking about the security implications of having a mobile workforce. What’s going to happen when a member of staff is using his phone or tablet? Is he on the VPN and what information is he accessing? How ready is that access and is he bypassing firewalls? These are some of the many considerations. That conversation tends to sit in the IT space at the moment where resellers are already engaged at that level. This is a further threat to the traditional comms dealer.

“They need to embrace MDM and BYOD and look at working with a provider that can give the right advice around these. These are areas we are focusing on as they fit in nicely with our existing wholesale mobile proposition.”

Mark emphasised: “There’s also opportunities around how to provision the software to be able to manage BYOD and having the expertise to give the right advice on how to implement BYOD.

“It’s about having the right MDM software and combining with call tagging to enable customers to differentiate between business and private calls. There’s also potential privacy issues to consider as well. For the channel there’s a big opportunity to become a trusted advocate and trusted supplier.”

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