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Call Blocker TV Star

Posted on 08/12/2011

A TV advertising campaign has hit the airwaves to promote an innovative call blocker that puts an end to unwanted communications at the touch of a button. The simple to use device – available exclusively from Nimans - comes pre-programmed with 200 numbers of the worst known offenders and can automatically remember 100 more.

Based on smart technology, the compact unit is also fax compatible and has been developed by CPR Global (The Call Prevention Registry) which is theUK’s leading anti-nuisance call service provider.

To help raise further awareness the company has developed a 30 second TV advertisement that aired in the ITV Meridian area ahead of a nationwide publicity campaign throughout December and January.

Nimans’ Purchasing Director, Andy Winfield says there’s nothing quite like the device on the market. “The Call Blocker is an easy to set-up all-in-one everyday product which helps retain privacy in the home or office.  Silent calls, recorded messages, harassment, malicious and calls from overseas call centres can all be stopped in an instant along with junk faxes, withheld numbers and automated robo calls.”

He added: “CPR Global expect lots of interest to be generated from the TV campaign which shows how effective and easy it is to block calls. A unique ‘Block Now’ button is located on top of the unit which when pressed, cuts off a caller in their prime with the number logged into its memory and permanently blocked. The device will also reject any caller who withholds their number.”

The Call Blocker has a retail price of £59.99 and comes complete with a 30 day money-back guarantee. The ad can be viewed at

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