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Call Management De Facto

Posted on 11/04/2013

Call management has become a de facto sale – as its broad universal appeal spreads across many different sectors. Paul Burn, Head of System Sales at Nimans believes more detailed statistics from advanced reporting features, is fuelling reseller sales growth.

“I wouldn’t say that call management is necessarily defined by specific vertical sectors. Call recording is more vertically aligned. Call management applies to any industry that wants to raise productivity, discover how staff are performing and glean live statistical data. It used to be sold predominantly to call centres but that’s not the case today.

“Demand is driven by a desire to monitor what people are doing and also change processes and drive efficiencies to improve overall customer service. Today lots of vendors have call management as part of their portfolio. It’s now an application on an existing sale, rather than an additional sale.  It used to be something you sold on top of or afterwards - whereas now it’s often sold as an ‘as well as’ because it’s software enabled and much more financially viable. There are still very good standalone call management solutions out there but many manufacturers have developed OEM versions that often make it an easier sale for a reseller as it’s a more seamless integrated solution – easier to install that drives the cost down.

“Equally many of today’s telephone systems have elements of call management built in. Often what then happens is that a dedicated call management solution becomes an enhancement to the basic stuff that comes out of the box. I think this represents a great opportunity for resellers across all vertical markets. It’s become a very general business tool. Call management in many ways is becoming a de facto sale with the system. It’s one application that has managed to bridge that gap between something that was sold as being an addition, to now being sold in general. It’s a regular sale item that has a broad appeal. I think people are expecting call management because they want to know what’s going on in their business. Whether that’s fuelled by day-to-day life experiences such as call logging on a mobile phone, people expect they are able to monitor and track calls. I think this spins off into the corporate arena where a company may want to know how many of their ISDN lines are being utilised, for example.”

Paul says call centres will always be the obvious candidate for this technology and feels there’s still plenty of sales opportunities because it’s an ever evolving market. “People want to be more and more efficient and integrate better and perform faster. In this arena very often you are selling advances in technology. Greater detailed reports and live information and workflow management – not just calls but e-mails and web traffic. Today businesses are more intuitive and react instantly to changing trends or problems. Pure calls are just one element of business communication. Call management is all about raising efficiency and how to deliver more.”

He concluded: “Hosted is another option for resellers to consider. This can be a more flexible business tool. The challenge for a reseller is to understand how best to deliver a solution that best fits in with their customer’s needs now and in the future. What they do, how do they do it and in what ways call management can help them do it better.

“Call management is a bit like UC in terms of general appeal. Anyone that has staff engaging with customers can be classed an as informal call centre.  In many ways end users don’t even consider themselves to be an informal call centre so there’s a degree of education needed at first by the reseller to highlight this and then discuss the type of appropriate technologies available.”

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