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Call Management Moves Into The Mainstream

Posted on 15/04/2014

“I don’t think the call management market is reactive any more,” says Paul Burn, Head of Category Sales at Nimans. “Call management is no longer classed as a peripheral add-on which too often is still the case with a headset or conferencing unit. Many of today’s systems have elements of call management included as standard so resellers are more aware about the benefits. It’s not a complete bolt-on like it used to be.” 

He continued: “A few years ago, call management was based around third party software applications but that’s not the case today. Many are built-in or licence enabled so it’s becoming an easier sell and more are being deployed.

“The challenge in many ways is what do we actually mean by call management? Basic call stats are standard within most systems but do customers require live stats or wallboards. Are they working in an informal call centre environment? These are factors that need careful consideration. The boundaries between call management and contact centre applications are blurring all the time.

“Resellers are aware of call management and it’s much more than a reactive sale. It’s drifted into the mainstream and many of our customers are capitalising and making good margins. It’s part of their core offering.”

Elements of call management sometimes require integration into on-site software which then requires specialist knowledge, says Burn. But overall it’s a smooth sales process.

“Resellers do understand the needs of their customers so call management is naturally going to come up in conversations. It’s a good fit for strategic selling. There’s a lot more knowledge and training which is fuelling reseller confidence, so they can sell it more.”






Today’s call management solutions have evolved into much more than just call stats and so can deliver a ‘better fit’ for end users, explained Burn who concluded: “It’s delivering more to help improve business performance rather than just being a monitoring tool. Call management is part of a general business conversation resellers are having at the front end of conversations with their customers. System technology can help them become a better business –and as part of this you are likely to have some elements of call management as a measurement tool to ensure better results are actually being achieved.


“Most businesses can benefit from call management not just the traditional call and contact centres. If a solution is being sold on the promise it will make a company a better business then there has to be a tangible way to demonstrate this and call management is part of that process.


“A lot more businesses are now aware they have an informal call centre and recognise the need for call management. Today’s solutions are cheaper and have a lot more features and are quicker to deploy so ROI is faster and it’s easier to sell.”

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