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Call Recording Focus

Posted on 04/02/2019

Call Recording Focus.

John McKindland, Head of Solutions Sales, casts his eye on the latest call recording developments.

How has GDPR affected the use of call recording applications?
I think GDPR has had a big impact both in terms of general call recording awareness and also the practicalities and mechanics of conforming to the new regulations. Obviously the end user has the right to have data deleted so call recording packages from the major manufacturers have had to show they are GDPR compliant. It’s vital that businesses protect themselves and this has driven more demand.

What are the top three differences between SME and Mid-Market Solutions?
For me the biggest differences are not between SME and Mid-Market but individual vertical sectors. The basic functionality of call recording remains the same but in certain vertical sectors such as finance you have to keep call recordings for seven years so this than has an impact on the type of solutions required especially around back-up. When dealing with the stock market there needs to be extension side recording as well. So it’s not so much the size of the market but the type of arena a reseller is operating in.

With cloud based models gaining all the traction these days, why should resellers continue to provide premises based call recording solutions to their clients?
For us, on-premise call recording has increased over the last 18 months, for a number of reasons. GDPR is one factor and I think there’s still a degree of smoke and mirrors about what can be achieved with cloud-based call recording. There are some issues with archiving for example and equally not everyone is going to be committed to a long term contract with their cloud provider which is required in certain sectors, such as finance. You need to be able to take your archive with you at the end of the contract and the cloud solution needs to match this on-premise feature.

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