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Comms Technology Inspires Green Dream

Posted on 08/01/2013

 Continued advances in communication technology are inspiring business to maintain and enhance their green philosophies. That’s the view of distributor Nimans who say environmental issues will continue to be a priority for businesses throughout 2013.

“Saving time and costs as well as boosting efficiency are some of the key drivers for going green,” said Group Sales and Business Development Director,Richard Carter. “These are the key messages for this year. I think the environmental issues that appeal the most are the ones with a double edge. Being green obviously benefits the environment but very often the knock-on effect is improving a business at the same time. In these tough economic times more companies are realising that a green programme can help them, as much as the wider world in which they operate.”

Conferencing and Unified Communications are two areas that are ideally suited to these modern trends, according to Richard.

“People can work more flexibly away from the traditional office, often at home, not just around the standard 9-5.30 working hours,” he pointed out. “Comms technology increases flexibility and makes businesses and their staff more nimble.”

Richard concluded: “Without being cynical the biggest appeal of going green is because it saves money. Whether that’s changing a light bulb or conducting a video conference across thousands of miles instead of a face-to-face meeting. The green agenda remains very important because it generates so many business advantages.”

Nimans offers a range of ‘green’ solutions from complete Unified Comms platforms and audio and video conferencing to innovative product refurbishment and buy-back schemes.

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