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Conferencing Continues To Evolve

Posted on 17/01/2020

The lines between video and audio-only solutions continue to blur. They work side-by-side now especially in an application-based situation where there is very little or no additional cost of entry. When you look at how efficient these applications are from a scheduling point of view in terms of inviting multiple people into calls, there’s no bridging costs because it’s all done in the cloud. High quality conferencing is now available at the click of a button.

Where there is a marked difference is with portable and personal audio conferencing devices which deliver mobility and flexibility. The majority of ‘road warriors’ now carry one of these products. The growth is off the scale.

This year will see continued acceleration of the huddle space. Whilst there has been lots of adoption already there’s phenomenal potential for so much more. That’s where we will be channelling our efforts as a business.

The impact of consumer-based solutions is having a limited effect in the business world. The market has become very diverse based on a multitude of applications and the major players driving this behaviour from a business perspective are Microsoft and Cisco. That could be audio but because of the low cost of entry with Teams or Webex you can have a very cost effective and high quality visual experience with multiple parties where it would have cost so much more with a traditional room system. This will work in huddle spaces and to a certain degree larger rooms too. But it’s not just business but universities who are adopting their lecture theatres to take advantage of cloud-based technologies.

More and more vendors are bringing out hardware to take advantage of these trends, such as from Jabra, Logitech and Konftel.

With low cost Huddle Room options becoming more popular, there’s still decent margins to be made. The margins are still there because of the increased volumes. Years ago money would be made from a traditional room system but that would be one or two set-ups, now it could run into hundreds of locations across multi-sites because it’s so cost effective, flexible and high performance. Return on Investment is a ‘no brainer’.

Ian Brindle, Head of UC Device Sales

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