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Conferencing In Focus

Posted on 01/03/2017

Ian Brindle, Head of Conferencing and Telephony Sales at Nimans puts conferencing in focus.

Where is the reseller sweet spot?
There are two major sweet spots in terms of audio and video because the general market and meeting room environments continue to evolve. Small to medium type huddle rooms are a major sweet spot for desktop devices and smaller video solutions. Standard video technology and also Skype for Business are two major factors. The growth in SFB is absolutely phenomenal which has triggered increased use of video conferencing.

Globally 75m people work from home and there are 600m mobile workers along with one billion office cube spaces. Full collaboration of voice, video and content sharing is the way forward with Skype for Business (SFB) helping revolutionise the way many people work. There’s lots of potential for resellers to target.

Normal board type meeting rooms are still being used for conferencing in a lot of enterprise and mid-market businesses. But there’s been rationalisation too. The emergence of the Huddle room is one of the biggest factors in the growth of conferencing. In terms of audio conferencing the biggest target market should be personal conferencing units where collaboration and document sharing as well as high call quality are driving demand. It’s also an easy sell.

Where can resellers add value and improve margin?
In terms of adding value resellers need to playing in the Skype for Business arena. As a distributor we can really help them by providing a complete cradle to grave solution including full auto provisioning and equipment buy-back. To improve margin, resellers should be educating their customers about the increased flexibility of conferencing, from a boardroom through to more personal use. More and more entry level products are becoming easier to sell and embrace as they are less onerous in terms of certification.

What are the biggest market threats?
It all comes down to the user experience. A lot of people still have the misconception if they are using standard Skype on their laptop then it’s full business grade conferencing when clearly it’s not. In terms of integration, reliability and overall performance there is no comparison. Poor user experiences can put people off using VC but on the flip side they are becoming more familiar and using it more which habit forms their behaviour.

What is the next stage of evolution?
From a cost of entry VC is becoming more cost effective. What we are finding is that people who traditionally used audio conferencing on a personal level are now expanding into Skype for Business and devices that allow them to content share as well as speak. Collaboration will continue to grow. The Cloud and Opex investment models is also accelerating the appeal of conferencing and making it more affordable.

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