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Count On Leasing

Posted on 15/09/2011

In these challenging economic times leasing has emerged as a proven solution to help resellers capture more business – overcoming what is often the biggest obstacle to any sale – upfront cash investment.

Distributor Nimans says it’s not just ‘big ticket’ items that can be covered, but peripheral items, maintenance and network services – as well as non-telecoms-related commodities such as cars and office furniture.

“If you are not offering leasing then ultimately you are letting yourself and your customers down,” said Tom Maxwell, Dealer Sales Director at Nimans. “You could to be missing out on thousands of pounds worth of business. For many of our customers leasing is a ‘no brainer’.”

He highlighted how Nimans has invested in a dedicated financial services division, offering a range of flexible finance options across up to 7 years – including 0%. Nimans offers a fast-track route to success based on exceptionally high acceptance rates, as part of a ‘pain free’ process.

“In these prudent economic times it is even more imperative that resellers can take the financial heat off their customers who are often reluctant to make any financial outlay unless absolutely necessary,” he explained. “Leasing provides them with a far more palatable alternative to continue to invest in their businesses – allowing resellers to not just clinch more sales but land bigger orders.”

He added: “We can also now offer a unique proposition for resellers to finance hosted solutions and mobile phones, as well as collect revenue from broadband lines and minutes. This is further accelerating overall demand.”

Tom says leasing allows customers to have the equipment they need rather than what their budget can accommodate – offering resellers the opportunity to maximise sales.

”The ability to add onto a lease at any time gives the customer the ability to update their technology in line with market and individual expectations. It’s about building close working relationships and equipping customers with a continual opportunity to improve and progress.”

Tom says some businesses are forced to keep equipment past a point at which it is viable for their IT department to maintain. But leasing allows the customer to include any settlement for a current lease into a new agreement – fund it over 4/ 5 years to keep the repayments low - and upgrade on a continual basis to update equipment and software.”

He points out how the desire from resellers to provide a complete leasing programme continues to grow, as he highlighted: “Resellers are looking for a full solution which is why we have worked hard with our funders to allow them to include all systems and software in a single lease agreement, offering their customers a complete end-to-end solution which is convenient, simple and easy to manage”.

Tom continued: “For all businesses ‘Cash is King’. If a reseller offers a flexible financial solution, especially in today’s market conditions, then they are taking a headache away from a Financial Director.  Leasing is flexible in the terms and equipment that can be included. This gives the end user various options depending upon their financial drivers - rental / budget or cost.”

There’s a wealth of different products that can be funded in addition to traditional telecoms equipment, as Tom explained: “Systems remain a strong performer however we can fund much more; video conferencing, CCTV, peripherals, mobiles and hosted solutions - the mix of funding is changing. We also offer a facility to fund full maintenance costs, installation and training and spread them over the lease period.”

The average period of agreement is about 4.5 years, it tends to be three years for 0% but Nimans go as high as seven years for general finance.

Tom concluded: “At the moment obtaining funding from banks is very challenging and in some cases virtually impossible. Even if funding is secured, generally they will demand property as collateral along with Directors’ guarantees. However with leasing through us the only security is the equipment.  We can also split deals across different funders, due to the strength of our relationships, so that dealers can land bigger orders.

“There’s little sign of the economy bursting back into life, so we expect leasing to continue to grow in popularity. It’s a vital way forward for many resellers and their customers.”

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