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Cut Costs With Call Management

Posted on 02/05/2013

Call management has become a ‘must have’ business tool to raise efficiency and performance across a host of different industries. Detailed statistics from advanced reporting features, is fuelling reseller sales growth based on effective cost control, says Tom Maxwell from Nimans.

“Call management isn’t defined by specific vertical sectors anymore. It applies to any industry that wants to raise productivity, discover how staff are performing and process live statistical data. It used to be sold predominantly to call centres but that’s not the case today.”

Tom has been in the comms industry for around 20 years and says the impact of call management remains strong.

“There are numerous features and benefits resellers can sell to their customers. The first one is cost control; line functionality in terms of usage of lines. Call management can help a business understand they perhaps have too many lines, maybe to specific departments. There may be lines that never get used but are still paid for. Likewise there will be peaks and troughs in a business. Call management can demonstrate if the number of lines is insufficient. Businesses always want to increase orders and retain existing clients.

“The other main area that remains popular is controlling outgoing call costs, perhaps misuse by staff calling friends and family and premium rate numbers. Lots of companies are looking to not just control costs but make efficiency gains, and this is helping accelerate the universal appeal of call management. Most resellers clearly understand this. Any business wants to monitor key performance indicators especially in these tough economic times. Credit control departments, purchasing and specialist sales; areas that drive a business need to be closely monitored. Companies want to make sure they have good workflow levels. Where there’s need for improvement this can be identified and managed. Call management keeps a firm eye on a business.

“In our own Dealer Sales division we use it many times a day to update the team on their performance levels. Calls handled, dialled and the overall talk time are the key indicators. We know how effective it is.”

Tom concluded: “Call management is clearly not suitable for all businesses but where there’s a lot of people or even multi-site locations there will be lots of calls in and out on landlines and mobiles so call management is a ‘must have’ solution. Many companies take on face value what their call charges are. A call management system set up correctly can help verify those charges which could save thousands of pounds per annum.”

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