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Data Revolution On The Horizon

Posted on 15/01/2013

Nimans is predicting a 'data revolution' fuelled by wider accessibility of Fibre To The Cabinet connectivity. Head of Networks, Mark Curtis-Wood says other traditional solutions such as Ethernet First Mile will come under increasing attack in 2013 due to FTTC becoming more 'commercially viable'.

He says businesses will be able to take advantage of bigger bandwidth, higher speeds and more reliable broadband services.

“We are going to be running various events throughout the year, highlighting how resellers can capitalise on the expansion of data opportunities.  FTTC is going to be ground breaking in 2013,” he emphasised.

“Most businesses already have broadband but many want better bandwidth, increased speed and more reliability. Not all can afford EFM or Ethernet so FTTC can be a bridge between them. Availability has stopped that happening in the past but there’s going to be more exchanges enabled this year. This will fuel further growth as around 66% of theUKwill be able to access these services by 2014.”

Mark continued: “This will allow many more resellers to look at upgrading their customers’ broadband services. This will go from cheap and cheerful low margin to more reliable and more profitable professional services. Those selling EFM will see it coming under attack on a cost basis. Some people are saying EFM will become redundant in 2013, I don’t think this will be the case, there will still be a need for that, but FTTC will gain an increasingly prominent foothold in the market. It will be more widely available, more accessible and more commercially viable.”

Nimans will continue to build on its two main areas of focus this year, data and wholesale mobile, building on the progress we made last year particularly around its ‘Is Wholesale Mobile Right For You?’ initiative.

“We want to ensure resellers continue to understand and be able to capitalise on market opportunities,” Mark emphasised. 

“One of our key areas of focus is helping resellers hold onto business and retaining client bases especially when contracts are up for renewal. A key focus will be the integration of mobile data and fixed data along with the continued innovation of utilising Mobile Device Management and Bring Your Own Device - part of a complete spectrum of solutions. We’re making continued investment in terms of operational support, strengthening our status as a managed service provider.”

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