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Digital Transformation In The Spotlight

Posted on 06/12/2018

Digital Transformation In The Spotlight.

Mark Curtis-Wood, Head of Network Services at Nimans looks at some of the latest cutting edge tech trends.

What are the best ways to use BOTs in your digital marketing strategy?

I think the influence of BOTs will continue to grow although their impact can be limited at times. They can easily glean standard ‘canned’ answers such as when managing a knowledge base that has key word information. The big danger is when you start getting into the realms of sarcasm or humour that may not be understood by the technology. There’s no doubt BOTs are very useful when used in the right context. We all live in an interactive world where customers want instant responses but there can be challenges with BOTs in certain situations.

I think their best use is often through social media because they are an effective way of getting people to instantly react rather than say through an e-mail. It’s important they don’t become too robotic though which could limit customer interaction.

Are Chatbots the future of customer interactions?

To a degree I think Chatbots do represent the future of customer interactions particularly with the impact of AI. For example we are seeing call analytics software providing tangible benefits by assessing people’s voice and emotion. Whereas before it was all a bit one dimensional, AI has moved things in a powerful and new direction.

Some of the latest BT research I’ve been reading highlights how Chatbots are becoming a key trend in transforming the digital customer service experience – getting an immediate response to queries for example. Whether voice or text-based they can handle simple queries like checking train times or more complex interactions such as paying a bill.

The report also emphasises how the best bots act as ‘Interactive Voice Response for digital’ and quickly triage the customer to an advisor with skills that are most likely to get the customer to their goal.

What do we understand from the term ‘Machine Learning’ in the context of current applications?

Machine Learning is all about learning repetitive tasks, whether through AI or not, it’s about predicting behaviours and opportunities. It’s about learning behaviours very quickly and there’s lots of applications to achieve this. It’s about understanding how we can transfer these into our market place to better interact with more customers.
At Nimans we are actively embracing all areas of the latest technology to provide our resellers with a competitive market advantage, as emphasised by the
launch of our new interactive portal.

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