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Distribution In Focus

Posted on 03/01/2019

Distribution In Focus.

Richard Carter, Director of Channel Sales, Nimans looks ahead…..

How are distributors helping resellers with their drive to improve client customer service excellence and business productivity enhancement?
Compendium, our ground-breaking IP end point management service has been a huge success this year, helping resellers enhance customer service and business productivity.
Compendium offers a wealth of valuable features such as zero touch provisioning, buyback services, screen printing and training. It’s a cradle to grave service that has been very well received by our reseller community. It’s designed to help them win more, deliver more and support more customers. Compendium is one of many reasons why Nimans has become the ‘logistics engine of the industry’.

Do distributors have the skill sets themselves to help channel partners put solutions together for users?

Absolutely, distributors have the skill sets to help channel partners put solutions together. For example we have a dedicated Solutions Sales team as well as a team of UC Device Business Managers. Our expertise encompasses all areas of the customer journey, from connectivity, to cloud and on-premise systems to end points. We have field-based experts who support resellers face-to-face helping them put complex solutions together based on best-advice in an agnostic way.

How are distributor portfolios changing to reflect current market trends?
Traditional PBX sales remain strong at Nimans but our overall portfolio continues to evolve and is much more cloud-based in line with current market trends, such as SIP end points and also a dedicated Network Services division. Nimans is a trusted source with an industry pedigree stretching back almost 40 years as part of a continually evolving ethos.

How do distributors position themselves to retain their partners and gain new ones?
Nimans is a value-added distributor, not just a supply specialist. Service and support combined with a huge product portfolio are the hallmarks of our success. Ultimately we grow by helping our resellers grow too. That could be training or technical support or pre-sales and after-sales assistance, much more than just next day delivery.

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