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Don't Get Hacked Off

Posted on 12/08/2011

Telephone hacking has been hitting the headlines in recent months, prompting the closure of Britain’s most popular Sunday newspaper, as a series of high profile characters paid the ultimate price of losing their jobs, and some were even arrested.

The closure of the News of the World, a 168-year-old bastion ofBritain’s media empire, propelled telephone hacking into the media spotlight on a global scale.

Here in the reseller channel we’re not immune to telephone hacking ourselves – albeit in a slightly different way. Forget celebrities and victims of crime, outbreaks of PBX hacking continue to grow – even if they don’t attract worldwide media attention.

For anyone caught up in the scam, the consequences can be pretty devastating, not just dragging resellers into legal disputes but also eroding lucrative business relationships which may have taken years to build – costing victims thousands of pounds in the process.

The true extent of PBX hacking or Phreaking as it is also known, is generally underestimated by resellers and their customers. The average cost to a victim of a Phreaking attack is currently estimated at £10,000, with the UK listed as one of the top 5 countries in the world as a hacking "hot spot". So ignore this threat and you could find yourself seriously out of pocket - damaging your business and its reputation in the process. No company is immune from this growing menace.

Here at Nimans we have a range of simple solutions available to stop the hackers in their tracks. Our advice is to act responsibly by educating your customers and offering them protection against Phreaking before it’s too late. Your reputation as a security conscious and responsible reseller will give you a big advantage in the marketplace. After-all no one wants their business making headlines for all the wrong reasons – just ask Rupert Murdoch.

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